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Sacred Earth And Healing Arts Tour

Event ID: 190214
February 16, 2018 -
March 04, 2018
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
St Joseph's Cultural Center
410 S Church St
Grass Valley, CA 95945
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Venue Information:
Phone: 530.798.9576
Email: sierrafriendsoftibet@gmail.com
Web: http://www.sierrafriendsoftibet.org
Sierra Friends of Tibet is pleased to announce the return of the Tibetan monks from Gaden Shartse Monastery's Sacred Earth and Healing Arts Tour to Grass Valley February 16rh – March 4th, 2018, in residence at St. Joseph's Cultural Center, 410 South Church Street, and two blocks from historic downtown Grass Valley. Five monks will coming; most of them for their first time in North America and Grass Valley.
This much anticipated yearly event will provide a full schedule of Tibetan cultural presentations for two weeks, giving area residents and visitors a chance to experience firsthand the unique culture of the Tibetan people and the rich traditions of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. The monks' two week residency at St. Joseph's Cultural Center includes the creation of a beautiful sand mandala, carefully constructed over the course of their visit following ancient Buddhist symbolic designs, each grain of sand carefully laid down by hand using techniques unchanged for millennia. The public will be able to observe and enjoy this moving and meditative process as the monks work in the beautiful St. Joseph's Hall. In the evenings, talks on Tibetan Buddhism, monastic life and other presentations related to Tibetan culture, history and Tibetan Buddhist practices and ceremonies will be offered. There will also be opportunities for the monks to do house and business blessings, offering their ancient and hypnotic chants and prayers for prosperity, healing and happiness. Please be sure to check the schedule on line at www.sierrafriendsoftibet.org and on Facebook.
This year the sand mandala will be created over a period of sixteen days. The Hall will be open daily for viewing from 10:00am until 6:00 or 7:00 PM during the course of the monks' visit and dependent on their schedule. When the mandala is finished, there will be a special ritual to bless the mandala and mark its completion. Following the blessing, the mandala will be ritually dissolved (always a 'standing room only' event) highlighting by example the Buddhist view of impermanence. The sand is then swept up into a pile and small portions of the sand are offered as gifts to members of the audience. The rest of the sand is taken to a body of water (Deer Creek in Nevada City and Wolf Creek in Grass Valley on Sunday, March 4th) where, after a short ceremony, it will be poured into the water as a blessing to purify the environment and all the beings that inhabit it.

The Sacred Earth and Healing Arts of Tibet Tour has been visiting the United States since 1989 with a two-fold mission: to be of service to the world by helping to spread peace, compassion, and tolerance through cultural exchange, interfaith dialogue, and Buddhist teachings; and also to raise funds that will provide for the education, medical needs, housing, and building maintenance for the monks at Gaden Shartse Monastery located in a Tibetan Refugee Settlement near Mundgod in South India.
Like previous visits, people may request personal or group blessings, house or business blessings, and/or Tibetan Astrology readings (a completely different system from traditional western astrology). And as always, the monks will have a table of handmade weavings, paintings, jewelry and other items for sale, made by Tibetan refugees in the Tibetan resettlement area in India.
For a complete schedule of events go to see the Sierra Friends of Tibet Facebook Page. Or see www.sierrafriendsoftibet.org More information on the the Gaden Shartse Cultural Foundation, including bios on the individual monks, can be found at the Foundation’s web site at www.gadenshartseculturalfoundation.org. For all questions please contact Joseph at 530-798-9576 or email sierrafriendsoftibet@gmail.com.

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