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´Artists Speak: Defining the Self´

Event ID: 191704
June 08, 2018 -
July 09, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
International House
10 College Park
Davis, CA 95616
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Venue Information:
Phone: 530.753.5007
"Artists Speak: Defining the Self"

Artist statement for the group:
"Artists Speak: Defining the Self" will be showcasing the work of young artists based locally in
Davis. Each artist's work is meant to explore topics that help define who they are and express
the many ways diversity manifests itself within the individual. Through a unique range of
mediums, colors and forms, the artists delve into themes such as: mental health, ability,
spirituality, race, gender, self-representation and personal identity.

Artist biography for the group:
We are a group of passionate artists who work at the Culture C.0.-O.P. and attend the
University of California, Davis. As aspiring designers and artists, we work in a variety of
mediums and have unique styles that pertain to our varied backgrounds and aesthetic appeal.
As a collective, we strive to address inequity by celebrating diversity.

Artists showing in this exhibition:

Emily Gu:
Emily Gu is graduating senior at UC Davis majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design and
Economics and minoring in Sociology. She is also a painter whose main mediums include
acrylics and ink, and she was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. On the side, she does
a handful of graphic design and typography. As a child, Emily was fearful and quiet. However,
because her mother and grandfather were largely creative and artistic individuals, she
inevitably grew to encompass similar characteristics. As time passed, art became an even
greater part of her identity and a mode of expression. Her great respect for the environment
and landscape inspires much of her work. Surroundings filled with objects, sounds, and feelings
that are dynamic and powerful are reflected in her depictions. It is her belief that people “find
themselves" in the environment they are in, and this reflects itself in the way they carry

Laura Rivera:
Laura Rivera is a mixed media artist utilizing materials such as cardboard, acrylic paint, oil paint,
oil pastel, and miscellaneous fabric. These materials are reworked to depict overly saturated
depictions of everyday drag in daily life. The artwork serves as a portrayal of navigating
domestic life through a queer lens.

Jean Young:
Jean Young is an artist from Southern California who focuses on femininity, Asian American
identity, and queerness. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, they have been surrounded by
many Chinese and Taiwanese cultures, giving them a large Asian influence in their works. Their
work focuses much on self-identity, especially through a queer and Asian lens. They aspire for
others to be able to relate to their work through shared experiences.

Carlea Warren-Rossi:
Carlea developed an interest in art from an early age. Due to her shy nature, she had difficulty
communicating with others solely through words, so art became her form of communication
with the outside world. It existed as a way to openly express her feelings, emotions and beliefs,
since images have a lasting impression on people and are easier to understand than words
alone. As a senior majoring in art at UC Davis, she enjoys dabbling with all forms of painting and
drawing, especially with charcoal. Currently, she is interested in creating art surrounding topics
in religion, specifically drawing attention to the aspects religions share, rather than their
differences to promote understanding in the community.

Allegra Watson:
Allegra Watson is an artist and aspiring landscape designer. Raised in San lose California, she
was inspired by her family history of artists and the natural environment around her. Many of
her artworks are inspired by nature and as well as the strong women that were present in her
life. Throughout her time at Davis, she has created sculptures, jewelry, paintings, and drawings
as a part of her art minor and personal projects. She enjoys painting portraits and the
accessibility of watercolors. In addition to drawing inspiration from people and the natural
environment, she strives to address issues of equity, especially women's rights, through her

Joyce Tse:
Joyce Tse is from Los Angeles, California. While studying environmental design in college, she
discovered her passion for promoting sustainable practices in her surrounding community. Her
art is a channel for expressing her feelings and sharing personal experiences which her words
cannot effectively communicate. Through her art, she hopes to empower individuals
undergoing hardships to pursue their goals without sacrificing mental stability and happiness.

Sophia Fort:
Sophia Fort began drawing during her childhood as an activity while eating breakfast, but later
took advantage of the outlet to express her angst during puberty. She is currently a senior at
Davis Senior High School and works mostly in acrylics or ink. Her drawings have evolved over
time to be more formal and symbolic with conscious creation rather than abstract ideas. She is
in the process of creating works that relate to how humans view fate and the relationship
different Americans have with the country, while making use of bright colors and clean lines,
despite the melancholy topics the pieces ventilate. Sophy hopes to work with watercolor and
oil more in the future, and to continue art on the side during college.

This listing courtesy of Davis Civic Arts Davis Civic Arts

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